Pregnancy Success Rates Important

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Pregnancy Success Rates Important

Dr. Sujatha & Dr. Vinay Gunnala of Southwest Fertility Center are pleased to announce the most recent report for pregnancy success rates.  Pregancy success rates important.  For 2017, the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) reports that Southwest Fertility Center exceeds the national averages for women of all age groups!  

About Southwest Fertility Center and Pregancy Success Rates Important

Pregnancy success rates important.  Therefore, infertility treatment specialists at Southwest Fertility Center have been helping patients since 1980.  Our team of fertility specialists has established a well-earned reputation for successfully helping couples through fertility issues. In addition, when visiting our office, we will take our time to get to know you so that we can provide a set of treatment options that best fit your individual needs. We take great pride in our non-discrimination policies and we accept all patients regardless of their prior medical conditions or sexual orientation. Our staff of medical professionals is dedicated to providing  comprehensive care with the patience and compassion you deserve.

Our Phoenix infertility treatment center proudly provides:

All aspects of male and female fertility, including: 

For more information regarding our treatment options, financing, or to discuss your individual treatment needs, speak with one of our staff members today. Furthermore, the treatment options for infertility have drastically changed over the last decade and have become far more safe and effective. In addition, for more information regarding our services, contact our office at your earliest convenience by calling 602 -956-7481.

About Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology and Pregnancy Success Rates Important

SART is an organization dedicated to assisted reproductive technology.  Furthermore, the mission of SART is to set standards  nationwide.  Therefore, more than 90% of the fertility centers across the country report to SART.  In addition, for more info go to www.

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