Prescription Fertility Medications – Ovulation Induction Medications

The woman’s ovaries contain follicles that hold immature eggs. During a natural cycle one follicle is selected to continue to grow to maturity and is then released (ovulation).

There are several medications that are used to stimulate the ovaries to assist with the ovulation process or to produce several eggs during one cycle. These are called ovulation induction medications. Because each medication has a different mechanism of action, the medications can be taken alone or can be taken in combination with each other. The decision to prescribe one medication over another one will depend on the woman’s menstrual history and what type of a cycle is planned.

These medications are used in a woman who: does not ovulate regularly; needs assistance to ovulate; needs additional hormone stimulation of the uterine lining; or for a woman undergoing intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

Fertility Medications Commonly Prescribed

  • Follistim
  • Gonal-F
  • Clomid
  • Menopur
  • Novarel
  • Ganirelix Acetate
  • Lupron

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