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Fertility Preservation

Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd. is one of the best fertility centers in Phoenix, it has been freezing sperm and embryos for over 25 years with a very high success rate; egg freezing is a relatively new and emerging technology.

Over the last 10 years the science of freezing eggs has improved to become a viable option. Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd. was the first fertility clinic in the valley to become Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved fertility clinic for providing egg freezing.

There are many reasons men and women will consider fertility preservation. One compelling reason to freeze eggs is to preserve fertility prior to treatment for certain cancers. Our staff is committed to assisting men and women with all due urgency for care to provide services within necessary timelines so not to delay cancer treatments. We further assist with our participation in Fertile Hope. Fertile Hope is a national LIVESTRONG initiative founded by Lance Armstrong, in 1997. Fertile Hope is designed to assist patients newly diagnosed with cancer. As the cancer survival rates continue to improve for young men and women Fertile Hope and Southwest Fertility Center can give survivors a real opportunity to have a genetically related child of their own someday.

Young women may wish to delay having a child while completing their education or starting a career. Or women may wish to delay starting a family until they have found a life partner. Freezing eggs allows women to use their own younger eggs later in life thereby avoiding the risks associated with the advanced age thereby delaying their own biological clock.

Who should freeze their eggs?

Any woman who is less than 37 years old and has a normal FSH blood test may be a candidate for egg freezing. Women may wish to freeze their eggs for many reasons.

  • Couples who wish to freeze eggs rather than embryos for religious and/or ethical reasons.
  • Women who are diagnosed with cancer and wish to have the option of having children in the future. This needs to be done before chemotherapy or radiation treatments begin.
  • Women who want to delay child bearing for career or personal reasons.
  • Women who wish to delay childbearing until they meet a suitable partner.
  • Women wishing to donate eggs for our Frozen Egg Bank Program.

Don’t let your biological clock stop your chances for a family

Egg freezing is a way to keep the ravages of time from preventing you from having a biological child.

Fact: Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have.

Fact: A woman’s peak fertility is between the ages of 18 and 25.

Fact: By the age of 40 the average fertility rate is 15% of that of a woman at age 25.

Fact: The risk for having a baby born with a chromosomal abnormality at age 40 is 1/66 compared to 1/476 at age 25.

Fact: As a woman ages the number of her eggs diminish and their quality deteriorates. Because of the reduced number of eggs there is a decreased chance for pregnancy and with their sub-optimal quality, there is a higher incidence of abnormal embryos resulting in more miscarriages.

Preserving oocytes while they are still healthy is a proactive step you can take to protect your fertility.

For these reasons and more, freezing your eggs can be a viable option to prolong the time frame in which you are able to have a baby.

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Egg Freezing Phoenix

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