Legalizing IVF for Single Ladies

Legalizing IVF for Single Ladies

Legalizing IVF for single ladies is getting closer in France.  The bill has been in progress for many years.  The lower house and the upper house must approve the bill.

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Legalizing IVF for Single Ladies

Endorsing a law enabling gay couples and single ladies to use IVF is the lower house in France.  Therefore, approval is moving to the upper house.,

The bill was passed in France’s National Assembly.  Above all, the bill now must be passed by the Senate.

Many in France expect the bill to pass.  Advocates of the bill are encouraged.  Opponents of the bill refuse to give up.  Both sides are appealing to voters. Both sides are spending large amount of money to express their opinions.  The Senate is will vote soon.

Bill Already in Several Countries

France will align with Britain, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and Scandinavian nations. 

Many European countries wanting the bill passed are expressing support to France.  The world is watching.  France is on center stage. France is still viewed as a political leader.  Many are expressing surprise the bill has not already passed.  Traditionally, France is the first to step forward.

Legislation continues in France.  In addition, lobbying continues in Paris.  French authorities continue to monitor the bill and the public reaction.  Furthermore, although France continues to be a public leader in world thought, many still feel France trails on this issue.

The discussion over the bill has increased pressures between socially liberal and moderate government officials.  Even more,  around 20 preservationist gatherings have been organized against the proposed legitimate changes they state will “deny offspring of their dads.”

Children Are Being Considered in Bill

In addition, children of lesbian couples could  have “mother and mother” on a certificate rather than “mother and father.

On the other hand, opponents of the bill are stating, “Children are willfully denied a dad.  It is wrong”  Contrarily, supporters of the bill strongly disagree saying that same sex couples and single ladies have the right to be natural parents.  Both sides are standing strong. Both sides are depending on the Senate to make the right decision.

LGBT Supports Legalizing IVF for Single Mothers and Same Sex Couples

IVF treatment is a key interest of French LGBT rights groups.  France legalized same-sex marriage in 2013.  Even more, same sex marriage is legal in many European countries.  France passed the same sex marriage bill, and many in France expect to pass this bill.  Hopeful supporters are pushing the bill.

LGBT Supports Legalizing IVF for Single Mothers and Same Sex Couples.  They are campaining hard.  Even more, they are powerful.

LGBT groups support IVF for single ladies.  In addition, LGBT groups support IVF treatments for same sex couples.  LBGT groups are major supporters of the bill, and LBGT groups are major sources for funding.  Even more, LBGT voters are a strong voice in France.  Members of the upper house and the lower house are aware of the LGBT strength in France.  Opponents are also aware.  Therefore, this is one of the most passionate votes in the history of France.

Many in France are viewing this vote as a game-changer for  French culture.  Pressures are high.  Stakes are high. Media coverage is high. Public attention is high.  Efforts from both sides are at a maximum.

More About IVF

IVF is a procedure of an egg being fertilized with sperm outside the body.  In turn,  the egg is embedded in another woman’s uterus.  The expectation of setting up a successful pregnancy.

in general, most nations approve IVF treatments.  However, a few nations still are still restricting IVF treatment.  In addition, IVF is still commonly being used only when costly alternatives have been considered or attempted.



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