Egg Donation in Phoenix

Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd. offers an egg donor program to infertile couples that require this treatment option. Egg donation is used when a woman has decreased ovarian reserve, premature menopause, advance reproductive age, or other medical indications. Following the recommendation from the physician, these couples have shown success rates up to 10 times higher than standard vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The Selection Process

Egg Donation at Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd.

Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd.’s diverse egg donor program offers infertile couples a selection from a number of available anonymous egg donors. Our egg donor coordinator, prior to being accepted into the program, initially screens each donor. Our screening guidelines are in compliance with the guidelines of the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and the US Government’s Food and Drug Administration. Once an egg donor has been accepted into the program, couples may review the available profiles and photos to select an acceptable donor. Further comprehensive medical screening will then be performed just prior to your treatment cycle. Consents forms will be reviewed and signed by the egg donor and recipient couple.

The Treatment Cycle

After completing comprehensive testing on both the egg donor and recipient couple, the egg donor and recipient menstrual cycles are synchronized to prepare the couple for her fresh embryo implantation. The egg donor will begin her protocol of infertility medication injections, and when she has produced mature eggs, will undergo In-vitro fertilization to have these mature eggs removed from her ovaries. In the laboratory, the donor eggs are then fertilized with the recipient husband’s sperm and the resulting embryos are transferred into the recipient woman’s uterus. Any embryos remaining from the treatment cycle may be then frozen for future treatment options.

Prospective Egg Donors

Egg Donors and recipient couples will retain their anonymity throughout the egg donation process. Only non-identifying information is shared with the donor or recipient. Egg Donors selected by our program will be compensated $4,000, following the egg retrieval procedure.Requirements for Egg Donors

  • Healthy women Between the ages of 18-28 and are interested in becoming an egg donor
  • Dependable and Committed. Must complete required testing and be available for all office visits.
  • Non-smoker and no evidence of drug or alcohol use
  • Willing and able to administer injectable medication to self
  • Birth Control Method:
    • Norplant removed at least 3 months ago
    • Depot Provera injection last taken 1 year ago
    • Birth Control Pills – no requirements
  • Meet Height and Weight requirement listed below:
  • Must not have had a tattoo or piercing in the last 12 months
Your Height
Your Weight Greater Than
Your Weight But Less Than
96 lbs
129 lbs
99 lbs
133 lbs
5’ 0″
102 lbs
138 lbs
5’ 1″
106 lbs
143 lbs
5’ 2″
109 lbs
147 lbs
5’ 3″
113 lbs
152 lbs
5’ 4″
116 lbs
157 lbs
5’ 5″
120 lbs
162 lbs
5’ 6″
124 lbs
167 lbs
5’ 7″
127 lbs
172 lbs
5’ 8″
131 lbs
177 lbs
5’ 9″
135 lbs
182 lbs
139 lbs
188 lbs
143 lbs
193 lbs
6’ 0″
147 lbs
199 lbs
6’ 1″
151 lbs
204 lbs
6’ 2″
155 lbs
210 lbs
6’ 3″
160 lbs
216 lbs
6’ 4″
164 lbs
221 lbs

If you meet all the criteria listed above and are interested in becoming an egg donor you may download and complete the attached 11-page questionnaire. Upon completion of the entire packet please mail to:

Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd.
Egg Donor Profile
3125 N 32nd Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85018

You may also fax your completed donor packet to fax number (602) 956-7591.

We would also appreciate a current photograph of you for our recipients to view. Upon receipt of your Medical History Questionnaire our Nurse Practitioner will call you to set up an initial consultation appointment. This appointment will include a more detailed explanation of the Anonymous Egg Donor Program, and complete medical history review.

If you are between the ages of 18-28 and are interested in becoming an egg donor you may contact Southwest Fertility Center, Ltd. at (602) 956-7481 for more information.

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