Women Over 35 Wanting But Not Having

Fertility for Women over 35

Half of women over 35 who want a child do not end up having one, and by age 49 about half report they have not yet had the number of children desired. While some of the 49-year-old men may still father a child later in life, this is unlikely to be the case for women at that age. This is according to the HILDA report for 2021, tracking more than 17,500 people in 9,500 households.

Low fertility rates are partly a result of more people not having children either by choice or through circumstance. About a quarter of Australian women in their reproductive years are likely to never have children.

Why are women having fewer children?

There are many reasons why people have no or fewer children than planned towards the end of their reproductive years.

One contributing factor is the average age when women have their first child has increased in the last few decades and is now almost 3 decades This is in part explained by women spending more time in education and the workforce than ever before.

Another reason is some women don’t find a partner or have a partner who is unwilling or “not ready” to commit to parenthood.

It’s also possible that limited knowledge regarding the factors affecting fertility leads to missed opportunities to have the number of children originally planned.

But whatever the reason, having children later in life will inevitably affect the number of children people ultimately have. While most women who try for a baby will succeed, some won’t, and some will have fewer children than they had planned to have.

Fertility declines with age – so does IVF success

The risk of not achieving pregnancy increases as a woman gets older because the number and quality of her eggs decline.

By 40, a woman’s fertility is about half the level it was when she was 30. And sperm quality decreases with age too, starting at around age 45.

Fertility options for over-35s

There are several fertility options for woman over 35. Southwest Fertility Center is here to consult and to help!

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