Teary Eyed (In a Good Way)

Thankful to Southwest Fertility Center

A Warm and Wonderful Review of Southwest Fertility Center

Al Huckins – I’ve started to write a review for SW Fertility Center so many times, but I always end up getting all teary-eyed (the good kind) and giving up because I just can’t seem to put all my emotions into words that feel big enough. I never thought I’d look back at our journey through infertility with gratefulness but, in large part due to Dr. Gunnala and all the staff at SW Fertility Center, that’s the number one emotion I have when I reflect. Dr. Gunnala and the staff not only helped my wife and I reach our goal of having a baby but also helped us to be proud of our journey.

Our Fertility Journey

Infertility was hard; there’s no doubt about that. But, because of the care, compassion, humor, knowledge (I could go on and on) of everyone at SW Fertility, I am finally able to see that the journey we went through to grow our family was beautiful. Being able to feel that so deeply now means everything.

More Than Just a Sappy Review

If you’re looking for more than just a sappy review and want to know details about this place, here’s a few: great facility, willing to work with long distance folks to minimize travel when possible, friendly/helpful when you call with questions (shout out to Fran), affordable/provide help with finding scholarships (shout out to Janet), inclusive – specifically in regards to the LGBTQ+ community, experienced, and all-around high level of patient care!

About Southwest Ferlility Center

Infertility treatment specialists at Southwest Fertility Center have been helping patients since 1980.  Our team of fertility specialists has established a well-earned reputation for successfully helping couples through fertility issues. When you visit our office, we will take our time to get to know you so that we can provide a set of treatment options that best fit your individual needs. We take great pride in our non-discrimination policies and we accept all patients regardless of their prior medical conditions or sexual orientation. Our staff of medical professionals is dedicated to providing you with the patience and compassion you deserve. For more information regarding our treatment options, financing, or to discuss your individual treatment needs, speak with one of our staff members today. 602-956-7481

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