Tara Lipinski’s Endometriosis Experience

Tara Lipinski Endometriosis Experience

Gold Medal Champion Fights Endometriosis

Ice skating Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski joins millions of women who have battled endometriosis. To help other women, Tara has documented her experience with Endometriosis along with her recent surgical correction. She says “I could have not shared my journey, but I want to support other women who may be struggling through this painful disorder.

Symptoms, Discovery and Surgery

For quite some time, Tara experienced occasional pain. However, being an elite athlete she was used to working through pain. Therefore, she may have not described her symptoms accurately to her doctors for them to suspect endometriosis. In turn, her pain elevated during roughly 5 years but she worked through it. After pain and symptoms increased, her doctors accurately diagnosed with her endometriosis and recommended surgery. The excision procedure uses robotic scissors to cut the endo from the where it exists.

1 In 10 Women

Tara is happy to be educated through the process. “I knew nothing about a disorder that affects 1 in 10 women, which is 176 million people. Women do not talk openly enough about a disorder that can be cured!” Public awareness about sensitive topics that in the past have been private is helping many people today. Education is power, and with many diagnoses, early detection is key.

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