Pineapple Powerful Fertility Symbol

Pineapple Powerful Fertility Symbol

Connecting Women Struggling with Fertility

Pineapple has become a incredibly powerful symbol connecting women struggling with fertility. The pineapple is featured in many social media accounts and communities of women with infertility.

Women undergoing fertility treatment are wearing clothing and jewelry with pineapple that can be purchased online through Etsy and other retailers. In some cases, couples are funding their IVF cycles through proceeds made by selling pineapple themed paraphernalia.

Pineapple Powerful Fertility Symbol

In addition to proudly spotlighting pineapples on their clothing, women are also consuming pineapples on the day of their embryo transfers because of a myth that it may increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, the scientific evidence to support this is lacking, and some doctors even discourage the consumption of pineapples on the day of fertility treatments. This is due to pineapple’s acidity and risk of creating an upset stomach.

Nonetheless, a woman displaying pineapples on her clothing and jewelry can signal to another woman of her fertility struggles, thereby opening an important dialogue connecting women dealing with similar issues. In contrast to photos depicting needles that were used during an IVF cycle, the pineapple represents a more positive image of what many hope becomes a happy ending to their fertility struggles: a baby.  

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