Excellent Fertility Care

Excellent Fertility Care

Excellent fertility care is at Southwest Fertility Center.

Southwest Fertility Center is proud to be named a Center of Excellence for United Healthcare  https://www.myoptumhealthcomplexmedical.com/gateway/public/employers/centersOfExcellenceNetworks.jsp?fbclid=IwAR2uI1fQCsgy43IbsTqiZ5zG2jYPa89lDFKdUIW4nHTf5SwdCGM_DvW7DV4

More About Excellent Fertility Care

At Southwest Fertility Center, we believe in excellence for our patients. Furthermore, we believe in excellence for our loved ones.  In addition, we believe in excellence for families. https://www.southwestfertilitycenter.com/intertility-treatment-phoenix/ 

Southwest Fertility Center loves and cares for all patients.

Center of Excellence Networks

By choosing an Optum Centers of Excellence network medical center, you will likely receive a higher level of care.

  • More accurate diagnoses
  • Higher survival rates
  • Health care that is planned, coordinated and provided by a team of experts who specialize in your condition and regularly work together
  • Appropriate therapy (neither too much nor too little)
  • Fewer complications
  • Shorter length of stay
  • Decreased out-of-pocket costs

Optum’s Evaluation Process

Optum identifies health care providers experienced in treating costly, complex and catastrophic medical conditions for over 20 years. Even more, each year Optum conducts an evaluation process  throughout the country. Hence, Optum invites only the most experienced and statistically successful health care providers to be part of our Centers of Excellence networks. There is different criteria and a separate Center of Excellence network for each condition we support (bariatric, cancer, congenital heart disease, infertility and those that lead to transplantation).

Cost Benefits for Payers

More than 3,000 payer groups, representing more than 62 million lives already use Optum’s products and services. This purchasing power, along with our contracting expertise, results in the most aggressive cost savings in the industry. Through our comprehensive contracts, clients receive significant savings, such as 53% off of standard industry charges for transplantation.2 In addition, higher quality health care results in fewer complications, shorter length of hospital stays, faster recoveries and fewer readmissions.  Optum offers benefits for payers.

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