Biological Children Complicated for Gay Men

Southwest Fertility Center Offers Support for LGBTQ Couples Wishing to Have Children

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For most people, hoping to become parents envision having children who are genetically related. However, for gay men, this process is complicated and can be expensive. It involves collaboration with a fertility doctor, a lawyer, a gestational carrier (a.k.a. surrogate mother) and an egg donor. The process takes about two years and costs around $200,000 per child. Making it even more challenging, prospective gay fathers don’t meet eligibility criteria for most health insurance plans’ fertility benefits, although this is beginning to change.

A recent study details how gay men use assisted reproductive technology to build their families, including questions such as how many children they wish to have and how often their efforts succeed.

Shifting Attitudes Toward LGBTQ

The simplest way to put it is that LGBTQ families have shifted from being a paradox to a possibility and from being criminalized and pathologized to more accepted. There has been a lot of focus in scientific literature on whether children turn out OK if they have gay parents. There’s no data to suggest anything detrimental to children about having gender- or sexual-minority parents. Not only is it now socially “OK” for LGBTQ people to have children, there are also people now advocating for LGBTQ families. Many institutions whose fertility clinics didn’t previously treat everyone now do so.

Unfortunately, there are still barriers. Some fertility clinics in this country still won’t take care of LGBTQ patients, and most health insurance plans that offer fertility benefits use a clinical definition of infertility based on a heterosexual couple trying to conceive for 12 months with no pregnancy. A gay couple in New York State recently sued, saying those criteria are discriminatory.

At Southwest Fertility Center, we believe that “love is love”. We can offer services, treatment and support. We are here to help.

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